Sonoma Boot 
Making it Easier to Work on Your Feet!

The origins of Sonoma Boot date back over 100 years to when John Terzian escaped the Armenian holocaust and immigrated to the United States in search of a better life and the American dream. With little in his pockets he got his start in Boston, Massassachusetts as a shoe cobbler where he met his soon-to-be wife, Georgia. John and Georgia scrounged up and saved enough to support themselves in hopes of a good life. It wasn't long and they brought their baby girl into the world, now more determined than ever to make something for themselves and their family, John and Georgia worked as hard as ever. It wasn't until the 1940's that their shoe prodigy would be born, Charlie. 

Fast forward a couple decades, after John and Georgia moved with their daughter and son to San Anselmo, CA where John continued working as a shoe cobbler with his own shop downtown.  Charlie was a graduate of Drake High in San Anselmo, CA and went on to college and ultimately onto to serving in the National Guard. After Charlie finished high school, John and Georgia moved to Petaluma, CA and opened their first shoe store. Charlie fresh out of college and back from service in the National Guard went to work for his parents in their local Petaluma, CA family shoe store, Wide World of Shoes. For years Wide World of Shoes flourished and even expanded into neighboring towns, after all everyone in the family needed a pair of shoes to wear. 

Charlie created $1 days! Charlie was tired of seeing odd lots and one offs setting on the shelves in his parents back room and decided to put them on a table out front for $1. People were lined up down the street and around the corner. At that moment Charlie knew he was on to something, DISCOUNT! With special purchases direct from manufacturers Charlie was able to secure inventory to support the new craze in Petaluma. Unfortunately with the development of the large buy-it-all department stores, the family shoe store concept died and Charlie was forced to close Wide World of Shoes down. 

Charlie has never been a person to let grass grow under his feet, he opened Mainstreet Boot and Shoe in Petaluma, CA. This time specializing in men's work boots, the beginning. Again carrying on the idea of discount, Charlie continued to promote all the major brands of work boots and some up and coming brands (now you'd consider them big names). It was not until a well-known clothing store in town closed down that a salesman came through Charlie's door telling him he should consider putting work clothing in his store. Convenient for the salesman and hungry for more business, Charlie took a slight detour from footwear into the world of clothing. 

Soon enough business was booming and Charlie needed more space, he found a new location on a main traffic artery in Petaluma and opened up Workforce Boot & Clothing. Now with an expanded clothing department as well as the largest selection in the county of work boots at prices that could not be beat. This is when he took a chance on a young kid, Christopher, he did not say much but he had the store more organized than it's ever been before. 

9 years later the United States and the rest of the worlds economy collapsed. Jobs, especially in construction, were rare. The first department that collapsed was clothing. After much thought Charlie and Christopher decided to liquidate the clothing and focus on only work boots and only a select few of those. 80% of our customers are looking for just 10 styles of boots every year, when times were rough we had to focus on those 10 styles.  As the economy improved, Charlie and Christopher decided they needed to downsize the store front but move into a move visibly appealing location to launch the Sonoma Boot brand and give it the audience it deserved. 

Sonoma Boot is a brand that stands for high quality and moderate prices. By learning the components in more detail we were able to produce longer lasting, more comfortable and lighter weight products than the competition and by keeping a closer rein on the brand we were able to pass the savings onto you, the customer.  

With decades long of experience we know what it takes to make a better boot! We know you'll agree.